dear Air presents 1st Compilation Album “pneuma” / V.A. (English)

Release : December 20 2010

dear Air presents 1st Compilation Album

“pneuma” / V.A. (DAIR-002)

01. Ghosts of the flamed season / Yamori Kota

02. sorrow of orion / traumerei

03. 0100729 / yosio ootani

04. Bumblebee / Clang Sayne

05. flow / mori-shige

06. Deep Sea and Stars / el fog

07. the 14th century / akira uchida

08. drape / haruka nakamura

09. Dear Ludwig / Kanazu Tomoyuki

10. suna no kotoba / ARAKI Shin

11. CcA.g / Junya Yanagidaira

12. Finale / Mujika Easel

The moment the sounds of strung landscape rings through before my eyes and interlaces with memory of “I”, “roots” of the world are seen between fences.

“Something” is played by the collective of musicians who are sincere in their sounds and themselves.


"dear Air" is a creative label hosted by Mujika Easel in Japan. In 2010 traumerei and Haruka Nakamura are received as producers, and sincere creation activities are done to the essence of “composition” with musicians and photographers, and artists, etc.

This work “pneuma” is the first compilation album of dear Air, which is an anthology woven to 12 songs from concern with the scenery, temperature, shape, moment, touch, existence, and the aspect, etc. While each of the elements is glowing individually, the autonomous folklore is transmitted as a certain story.

Although the form of the album is compiled from various artists’ work, songs draw close, intertwine each other and take listeners to another world, as if the production of a single artist does.


Artists :

Yamori Kota : A composer. In 2009, he released an album “wet dreams” from French electro acoustic and experimental music label Tsukuboshi-Records. Also, he's been collaborating with various musicians from Japan and overseas such as Domink Gawara who organizes several free jazz and noise acts in Italy.


“Ghosts of the flamed season” : Played by solo harp. Newly composed for this album.

traumerei : A solo project of Daichi Kanbayashi - a producer and art director of dear Air. Since 2004, he's been creating mainly sound textual and improvisation oriented works. To describe his music which is ladling sentiments of a person as to forgive, they are like the “oblate” that wraps sad memories tenderly.


“sorrow of orion” : From his early work, 2005.

yosio ootani : A critic, a musician. He played in many groups such as “sim” and “mas”. In December 2006, a solo album “kaganboujitsushou yori” was released from HEADZ. And he's playing in various sessions.


“0100729” : Newly composed for this album.

Clang Sayne: A collaboration with improvisers and other art formats directed by Irish songwriter and improviser, Laura Hyland. Her dynamic voice and unique acoustic guitar playing combined with James O Sullivan on electric guitar, Peter Marsh on double bass and a Matt Fisher' on percussion create a unique soundworld.

“Bumblebee” : Previously unreleased track from the 'Winterlands' album recordings, 2009.

mori-shige An improviser mainly plays cello. He also plays other instruments. He's been collaborating with many other improvisers and choreographers from Japan and overseas. His unique improvisation is generated by “listening” sounds deeply. In 2009, a solo album “fukashigi”, constructed by solo improvisation of a cello and a piano was released. Also, his first photo book “photographs” was published by Powershovel books in 2010.


“flow” : Played by 17strings. Newly composed for this album.

el fogMasayoshi Fujita, originally from Japan and now Berlin based forms his aesthetics into sounds with the vibraphone + electronics (and with minimal use of other analogue/digital instruments).He has been influenced and inspired by electronic music, jazz, dub, hip hop, etc.., and also the silence and deepness of the fog and the mountains and the gravity within. In 2007,He released his first album ”Reverberate Slowly” from UK label Moteer and 2009, second album ”Rebuilding Vibes” from flau.


“Deep Sea and Stars” : An unreleased song.

akira uchida : A sax player, a composer and arranger. He released ”journey to the Pluto” under the name “Saga” - an unit with Taihei Asakawa - in 2006. The album is produced by “Akutagawa prize” winner writer Mitsuru Arai. And early music and Jazz fusion quartet “radio baroque” released in 2008. Now, He's supervising an event called “Baroque voice” in churches and playing in the band “Kadan”.


“the 14th century” : A counter point oriented song by a piano and a soprano sax. Newly composed for this album.

haruka nakamuraAlready released “Afterglow” and “grace”. In 2010, his 2nd album “twilight” was released after 2 years blank. As a producer of dear Air, as a supervisor of “kadan”, he's actively playing in various stages. The 3rd album which has been co-produced by nujabes is ready to be released.


“drape” : Re-edited version from his latest work.

Kanazu Tomoyuki A musician, a sax player. After played in several classical, jazz, reggae and funk groups, he's now playing with Mujika Easel and also in a roots reggae, dub band “GLOBAL LEAF”. In 2010, his first solo album “Prater” was released from flau. His musical world is discreetly constructed but flexible, strong and nostalgic at same time.


“Dear Ludwig” : A piano quartet song. Newly composed for this album.

ARAKI ShinA sax player. A composer and arranger. In 2008, solo album “A SONG BOOK”, in 2010, “HALLS” were released from RONDADE label. His sophisticated deep tones have supreme comfortableness.


“suna no kotoba” : Played by a classical guitar. Newly composed for this album.

Junya YanagidairaA pianist, playing in an organic electroinica unit “ironomi”. He started to create piano improvisation songs from 2004, and composing and playing for various art formats such as paintings, photographs, movies, short films, contemporary dances. He has participated in “Seele([co]rec)” and compilations from Japan and overseas.


“CcA.g” : An unreleased song.

Mujika Easel : After played in bands such as “Eisi”, she started a solo project. She creates calm and “one and only” works by using mainly a voice and a piano. In 2010, she started dear Air and released her 2nd album “from Seaside”. Also, She participated in Andrea Ferraris and Matteo Uggeri's project “Autumn is Coming, We're All in Slow Motion”, released from Hibernate.


“Finale” : An unreleased song.

And, following artists are participating in this project as players.

Izumi Fujimura(harp), SEKIGUCHI Shingo(classical guitar), Atsuko Hatano(violin, strings arrangement), Eriko Teshima(viola), Kayo Nakata(cello)


Even in a flood of information for modern life, the musicians involved in this album make firm roots in abandoned love and search of "existence" they would feel with acute sense.

There are variations of instruments, description, and activity. Every listener will introspect and make an interpretation of “something” faint still shiny and incomparable.

12 songs, most of them were newly composed, recorded about 60 minutes long in total. Special package, 12 artworks each artist contributed in.

Mastering by naph(ambiencephono)

dear Air : http://www.dear-air.com

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